logo  Interp2dTab 2D interpolation from tabulated data

=Interp2dTab(Method, Scaling, x0Values, x1Values, fValues, x0Star, x1Star, SubKriging)


Method: Interpolation method

Scaling: Scaling of parameters

The Scaling of parameters does not affect the bilinear interpolation

x0Values: Row of function first parameter values

x1Values: Column of function second parameter values

fValues: Table of function values

x0Star: First parameter value(s) to interpolate

x1Star: Second parameter value(s) to interpolate

SubKriging: [Optional for Kriging i.e. if 1 ≤ Method ≤ 1.99]

If the SubKriging parameter is missing, all points will be used for Kriging interpolation.

If Scaling = 1, the distance for selection of nearest points is calculated in the normalised space (see main page for details).

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