logo  GpVariogram Gaussian Process Variogram

=GpVariogram(Variogram, h, RangeOrBeta, SillOrAlpha, Nugget)


Variogram: (see Variograms section for details)

h: Lag distance

RangeOrBeta: Distance in which the difference of the variogram from the sill becomes negligible (Range) or exponent of the power variogram (β)

SillOrAlpha: Limit of the variogram tending to infinity lag distances (Sill) or power variogram constant (α)

Nugget: [Optional] Height of the jump of the variogram at the discontinuity at the origin (default = 0)


GpVariogram return the value of the selected variogram. The variogram represent function dependance on parameters. Four variograms are available.

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Available Variograms

Exponential (Variogram = 3)

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Exponential variogram

Spherical (Variogram = 5)

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Spherical variogram

Gaussian (Variogram = 9)

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Gaussian variogram

Power (Variogram = 10)

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Power variogram

With 1 ≤ β ≤ 1.99

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