logo  GpStatsNd ND Gaussian Process Statistics

=GpStatsNd(NbClass, Scaling, xValues, fValues)


NbClass: Number of classes

Scaling: Scaling of parameters

xValues: Function parameters values

fValues: Function values


GpStatsNd must be entered as an array formula. Select a range of NbClass + 1 lines by 6 columns starting with the GpStatsNd cell. Press F2 to start edit mode and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to insert the function. If the formula is not entered as an array formula, the single result is 1 (Class). The results are arranged as shown below.

Class h
Upper limit
Mid point
variogram γ(hk)
of points
1 1.41 0.71 0.79 1.0 18
2 2.83 2.12 1.95 5.4 33
... ... ... ... ... ...
10 14.14 13.43 13.61 202.9 3
Global 14.14 7.07 5.24 44.6 171

The empirical variogram is calculated for each class k with the formula below where Nk is the number of points of the class k.

Can't display image

Empirical variogram

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