logo  CsApprox2dTab 2D Cubic Spline Approximation from tabulated data

=CsApprox2dTab(NbPointsPerCell, SplineSensitivity, Scaling, x0Values,
x1Values, fValues, x0Star, x1Star)


NbPointsPerCell: Average number of points per cell e.g. = 5 works best for uniform data decrease to get smaller cells or increase to get larger cells

SplineSensitivity: Spline sensitivity e.g. = 140, reduce to get smoother results

Scaling: Scaling of parameters

x0Values: Row of function first parameter values

x1Values: Column of function second parameter values

fValues: Table of function values

x0Star: First parameter value(s) to interpolate

x1Star: Second parameter value(s) to interpolate

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